Wireless Security Alarm Unit Helps Protect You Anywhere!

Hangman is the portable home security alarm that just holds tight your door! The mystery is Hangman alarm's ultra-delicate motion trigger that distinguishes even the scarcest interruption. Simply hang the Hangman alarm on any door in your house and leave.

At the point when the door handle is turned, the Hangman alarm is activated, ceasing any break-in endeavor! Executioner's noisy 130-decibel security alarm attracts consideration up to a large portion of a mile away to stop hoodlums and burglars dead in their tracks!


door alarm

The best part is that this portable home security unit is battery controlled so there are no wires that can be messed with. Truth be told because it uses batteries, the Hangman house alarm is relatively incomprehensible for a criminal to incapacitate.

Simply put the Hangman security alarm on any doorknob and feel safe when you're home alone. Or, frighten that criminal off when you're not at home to shield yourself from thefts! You can use the portable Hangman alarm to help keep minimal ones out of the pool region, secure your office door, or ensure your dorm room when you're away at class.

The hangman door security alarm is even conservative enough to fit in your bag for genuine feelings of serenity amid a lodging remain. The Hangman alarm is so helpful and little you can keep it in your tote or store it in a cabinet, at that point hang it back up when you need to feel more secure.

door alarm

Home alarm systems are costly and the regularly scheduled payments can mean a little fortune, but we ensure Hangman will be the most helpful and dependable house alarm security unit you've at any point possessed!

With the portable Hangman Door Alarm, you can deter undesirable interlopers at home, frighten burglars away while you're away, keep kids out of the pool region or secure your office door to keep touchy or classified information private. It's additionally ideal for undergrads to ensure a dorm room while they are away at class.

It's even sufficiently minimal to gather in a bag to take with you while in the midst of some recreation or business travel for included significant serenity amid a lodging remain. The Hangman Door Alarm is battery-controlled so it will even work amid a power blackout when your home or office is generally helpless. Simply hang the Hangman, turn it on and leave.

At the point when the doorknob is turned, the Hangman Door Alarm will stop ANYONE with a 130-decibel alarm that can be heard up to a half mile away! Also, at just $10 and just $6.99 delivering and taking care of, you won't locate a superior arrangement!

Today, we are making an exceptionally unique offer for to get a second Hangman Door Alarm, another $20 esteem - simply pay a different $6.99. What's more, when you order today, you'll additionally get a $15 "As Seen on TV" card. Use it to look for the absolute most sizzling "As Seen on TV" items on Telebrands.com or give the card away to loved ones.